Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust (SIDIT)

On February 27, 2006 the Government of British Columbia enacted legislation launching the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust with a $50 million one time allocation paid into a Regional Account. The Trust has the full powers and capacity of an individual and is not an agent of the government. The objective of the Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust is to help grow and diversify the economy of the Southern Interior of British Columbia through economic development initiatives in 10 key sectors.

SIDIT’s service area covers the Southern Interior of British Columbia, an area generally described as bounded by the US border to the south, the Alberta border to the east, Hope to the west and Blue River to the north.

SIDIT’s funding programs are specifically targeted toward investments in self sustaining projects that support the ten mandated themes as defined in legislation. Performance measures include job creation, retention and enhancement, increased revenues, sustainability, leverage and economic diversification to the Southern Interior area of British Columbia.

For more information, please visit their website:

Phoenix Foundation Vital Signs Survey

Grand Forks, BC June 24th 2019 – A new community survey released today by Phoenix Foundation encourages residents of all ages in the Boundary Communities to share their feedback by completing the survey.

The Vital Signs survey, created as part of a national program led by Community Foundations of Canada, provides a comprehensive, reader-friendly, easy to complete survey with the aim to look at how Boundary communities are faring in key quality of life areas. 

The goal of the survey is to present a snapshot of Boundary communities’ vitality and well-being. The final report brings together local data and knowledge on a wide-range of interconnected topics from health and housing to education and the environment.  This will provide valuable information which the Phoenix Foundation can then use in determining their priorities. 

“The Phoenix Foundation is asking residents of all ages to give us a few minutes by sharing insights on life in the Boundary. We want to find out what is important to you”, says Gary Smith, Phoenix Foundation President.

Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities: Supporting your vision for a happier, healthier Boundary.

Invasive Weeds – Hoary Alyssum

Hoary Alyssum, in particular, is starting to spread rapidly in Midway and the surrounding area. If you see this plant growing on your property it is important to know how to dispose of it properly. An informational fact sheet with this information and full description, can be found here

Personal Emergency Preparedness – Are you Prepared?

Are you prepared?

The Rock Creek Fire of 2015, and the threat of wildfire activity in Northern BC and Alberta during the summer months, are good reminders that emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. Your own personal preparedness can go a long way in assisting you in managing the emergency and recovery afterward. The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary has made a variety of guides and plans from PreparedBC available on their website to help residents prepare in case of an emergency in the area.  Pamphlets are available at the Village Office.

Opioid Dialogue Program

The Boundary Communities are involved in a new engagement project to open up dialogue on the opioid misuse in our communities.
This crisis is in the hearts and minds of people all across the province. This devastating public health emergency impacts us all, directly or indirectly.
The Opioid Dialogue Program will run over a six month period throughout the boundary area.
The University of Victoria’s based Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research provided select communities with grants to support community dialogues in response to the opioid overdose crisis in British Columbia. This funding was obtained as a legacy through the Boundary Local Action Team for Child and Youth mental Health and Substance Use (LAT), and is managed by Boundary Family Services.
We will be engaging in dialogues with community members, educators, health care providers, front line workers, families, and those living the effects of substance misuse.
Unlike many other forms of public communication this dialogue is not meant to lead immediately to agreement or action. Instead, the hope is that participants will come away with a better understanding of the subject, of each other, and of themselves. This new understanding means community members will be able to work together more effectively.
There is so much mixed emotions on the subject, empathy, understanding, frustration, anger, and the hope is to create discussions of all the different opinions that exist around this crisis. “And hopefully we can bring the community together in the middle.”
Together we would like to hear everyone’s voice, their different views, and different ideas around how to address the opioid use in our communities. Together we hope to find ideas to keep our communities safe, and assist our communities members in rebuilding hope.
The bottom line is, how did we get here and where as a community do we go now?
Any questions on the project, and those that would like to share your thoughts and the crisis are welcome to email or call 250.666.0678

Trail System Fire Safety

The Village of Midway would like to urge people to remain vigilant and be extremely cautious with any activity that could spark a wildfire.


The fire threat remains high all across the Province and it is up to all of us to ensure a major event does not happen in Midway and the surrounding areas.

Take Me Outside For Learning

Back in June, teachers and students from Midway Elementary and Greenwood Elementary invited film maker Yana Kehrlein to join their classes in the Midway Community Garden and on the Trans Canada Trail to talk about why learning in outdoor spaces is so important for kids and educators. Check out the video to see how our local teachers, and others from across the Kootenays, are teaching the next generation to celebrate the outdoors through learning!