The Village of Midway

Community Forest

Community forest agreements are long-term, area-based tenures designed to encourage community involvement in, and management of, local forests. A community forest is managed by a local government, community group or First Nation for the benefit of the entire community.



News Releases and Information

*NEW* SIBAC Community Forests - Community Benefits: The Economic Contributions of Community Forests to Rural BC - Final Report 2017

British Columbia Community Forest Association Overview & Priorities - February 2017

2016 report from BCCFA on the benefits of CF's and CF accomplishments throughout the province.

Application Package for Community Forest Agreement K4E - WBCF 

WBCF Agreement Map

WBCF Articles of Incorporation 

WBCF Manager's Report March 2017



Upcoming Meetings

Tuseday, June 27, 2017, 6:30 pm at Greenwood City Hall.