Vaagen Fibre Canada – Fire Update

Vaagen Fibre Canada is currently experiencing a small fire in one of their hog fuel piles.  The hog fuel is a woody fibre pile that is a byproduct of the plant processes.  Under the right conditions the fuel can generate enough heat to the point that it may self ignite.  Fortunately at this time of year is presents a very low fire threat to other areas of the mill or surrounding area. 
Vaagen staff is working to limit the amount of smoke from the incident by actively addressing the fire and removing burning material to a better location.  Residents in the Village and surrounding area may notice an increase in smoke at times.  Vaagen is doing what they can to keep it to a minimum. Smoke and flame may be visible over the weekend and Midway Fire and Rescue is aware of the incident.  Vaagen staff are monitoring continuously until it is fully extinguished. 
Michael Daloise
Fire Chief
Village of Midway