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Request For Quotation #21-001

 Remediation of Damaged Water and Sanitary Sewer Line in Boundary Creek – Midway, B.C.


This Request for Quotations (“RFQ”) is an invitation by the Village of Midway (the “Village”) to prospective Applicants to submit non-binding Quotations for the Remediation of Damaged Water and Sanitary Sewer line exposed within Boundary Creek at the Dominion St. Crossing in Midway B.C. as further described in RFQ Section 1.4 – Mandatory Requirements.

Summary Details:

Two primary objectives exist for the Remediation of Damaged Water and Sanitary Sewer Line in Boundary Creek (the “project”). A PVC potable waterline and cast-iron sanitary sewer line were exposed in the bed of Boundary Creek adjacent to the Dominion St. Crossing during the 2018 freshet.  The first objective will be removal of the exposed portion of the PVC waterline from the streambed. Removal will require construction of a cofferdam and in-stream work. The second object will be the stabilization of the cast iron sanitary sewer line. Stabilization will involve sealing the line by pumping concrete/grout form the nearest manhole. Confirmation that the line is leak free will be required prior to any grouting activities.

The following proposed schedule is in place for the RFQ process:

Issuance of RFQ

August 24, 2021

Question and Response Period

August 24 – 30, 2021

RFQ Response Deadline

September 3, 2021

RFQ Response Evaluation

September 6, 2021

Negotiation with Preferred Applicant

September 7 – 10, 2021

Award Contract

September 15, 2021

Project Completion

October 1, 2021

Note: In-stream portion of the project must be completed by October 1st, 2021 due to environmental constraints.

RFQ Documents:

Additional details can be found in the RFQ documents which are available for no charge via the Village of Midway website at Request For Quotation #21-001.  The Village’s website is the only authorized website to obtain competitive bid documents for the Village of Midway’s opportunities. The Village of Midway shall not be held responsible for our competitive bid documents that are located on any other website.

Contact for Additional Details:

Penny Feist

Chief Administrative Officer

Village of Midway

T: 250-528-0243


Shawn Bendig

Project Manager

VAST Resource Solutions

T: 250-908-7133



Submission of Quotations:

All quotations are to be supplied by email to by September 3, 2021.