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Provincial Drought Level Update

The Province has recently elevated the drought level throughout many parts the Kootenay Boundary Region.

Updated regional drought levels and supporting information can be found on the BC Drought Information Portal. Please be aware that the four level drought scale (1-4) most are familiar with has been replaced by a six level system (0-5). This six level scale and associated indicator thresholds have been revised in the retitled “BC Drought and Water Scarcity Response Plan

The current Kootenay Boundary Region drought levels are as follows:
Upper Columbia- Level 0
East Kootenay- Level 1
West Kootenay- Level 2 (Creston valley- Level 3)
Lower Columbia- Level 2
Kettle- Level 3

The Kettle, Lower Columbia and West Kootenay have all seen an increase to their respectively set levels. These elevations are mainly due to lower than normal streamflow in many areas combined with a substantial precipitation deficit that has been exacerbated by the recent unprecedented heat wave of the past two weeks. Other factors such as provincial observation well levels, water temperature and localized fish kills also played a role in setting these drought levels.

Recommended actions to take are as follows:
Kettle and the Creston valley: At drought level 3 we are requesting voluntary water use reductions of up to 30% and to cease all unnecessary water use.