Community Information

Campfire Ban Rescinded

Effective noon, Tuesday, September 25, 2018 the campfire ban within the boundaries of the Village of Midway, has been rescinded.
This DOES NOT include open fires of any type and size which remain prohibited.

Campfires are to be used for cooking, warmth, or ceremonial purposes only and must not be larger than 0.5 metres by 0.5 metres in size – a valid burn permit is required.
PLEASE NOTE: The burning of slash, waste, grass, building materials, household waste, refuse, rubbish, garbage, plastic, styrofoam, industrial/commercial waste, and other products is prohibited in a campfire pit. The landfill key is available for residents to bring garden/yard waste and grass clippings – do not burn these materials in a campfire.
Anyone caught burning prohibited materials in a campfire will be fined a minimum of $500 per Bylaw #451.
Residents are reminded that burning of household garbage and refuse is strictly prohibited at ALL TIMES and in ANY TYPE of incinerator.