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West Boundary Community Forest Inc. is jointly owned by the Village of Midway and City of Greenwood. The community forest agreement will have an allowable annual cut of 23,000 cubic metres per year and an initial term of 25 years. The agreement area covers about 17,760 hectares around the City of Greenwood and Village of Midway in the Boundary region.


Community forest agreements are long-term, area-based tenures designed to encourage community involvement in, and management of, local forests. A community forest is managed by a local government, community group or First Nation for the benefit of the entire community.


News Releases and Information


British Columbia Community Forest Association Overview & Priorities - February 2017


2016 report from BCCFA on the benefits of CF's and CF accomplishments throughout the province.


Application Package for Community Forest Agreement K4E - WBCF 


WBCF Agreement Map


WBCF Articles of Incorporation 


WBCF Manager's Report March 2017



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